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 Installing the Bus / T-2 transmission in your Bug or Buggy is easy and can have some advantages.
We will be concerned with the later IRS Suspension and not the early swing axel Bus transmissions
The Bug from 1968 on uses the IRS transmission. The Bus or T-2 transmission that is normally used is from 1968 to 1971 VW bus.
Later T-2 transmissions can be used but will require additional modifications and early 68-71 bell housing.
The 68 T-2 transmission is a little bit of an odd-ball, since for the most part it was only produced for one year. If you look behind the CV you will see a ring of _ bolts. Later years will have only 2-Screws that holding a locking plate. There are two advantages of using the 68-71 Tranys. First it bolts up directly to the T-1 motor and 2ed it will cost far less to change 3ed & 4th gear since they use the same gears as the T1.
  The down side is these early T2 transmission is they are geared quite low and are said to have a weaker ring & pinion. (we have personally never had problems with with the T2 ring & pinion even when used with our 2180cc race motor.

  T-2 Transmission from 72-on used a larger flywheel with the 411 motor. As this 72-on bell housing is different it must be changed along with the out-put shaft. The out put shaft is approximately 1/2" two long and can be cut to length. The Bell housing from the 68 to 71 must be used and these are getting harder to find.

Next up is mating the T1 axle to the larger T2 CV. There are 2 different ways to mate these components. Many suppliers make up special axles to accomplish this. They are easy to get, but quite expensive. The second method is to modify the inner T2 CV. to use the stock T1 axle. 
  Some builders leave off the inner axle snap ring, but this is not a good idea and can cause big problems.

We should mention if the outer T1 CV is used, the wheel travel should remain the same as the stock T1.
If T2 CV's are  used on both ends (special stub axles required) then the wheel travel can be increased.

The last thing needed will be a special T-2 transmission mount #10. This will let you bolt-up the T2 transmission to the T1 suspension. 

Note: Backlash can be measured with a dial indicator against a rod that is stuck through the drain hole. If you don't have Prussian Blue to check the ring & pinion you can use the wife's lipstick. For Maximum strength the off road racers set the backlash to almost zero, but it will be noisy. The later "Tall gearing" (high speed / low numerical ratio) will be stronger than a slow speed R&P (high numerical ratio)

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