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Chassis numbers : 8/70=111 2000 001 - 7/71=111 3200 000 and Motor Number started with "AE"
Production = 318,990 & Convertible: 12,201 Price = $1845 & Convertible: $2399
* 1600cc/actual 1584cc/96.7 c.i * 85.5mm bore/69mm stroke * 7.5:1comp ratio * 94.5" wheelbase *
* Curb weight... Sedan = 1808 lbs. Convertible = 1918 lbs. Ghia = 1918 lbs.
HP was increased to 60hp from 57 the year before and first year for Dual Port heads & new 34 PICT-3 carburetor with Ventura size increased from 24mm for single port heads to 26mm for the D.P. heads.  "1972 HP was decreased from 60hp to 46hp/48hp due to lower compression to meet US emissions."
Doghouse oil coolers were a great improvement introduced in 1971
Flow-through ventilation with exhaust ports behind rear side windows.
Third full year for IRS Transmission and final drive gear ratio went from 4.375 to 4.125-1 . 
In 1970 the Convertible was a Beetle and starting in 1971 the convertible was a Super Beetle
Headlights automatically go off and parking lights stay on when ignition is turned off.
Taillights became even larger and the Super Beetle was available for the first time.

1971 SB Chassis numbers: 8/70=111 2000 001 - 7/71=111 3200 000 
In addition to the above changes to the 71 the Super Beetle had the following changes
SB started using the McPherson front suspension (long shock w/coil spring) 
Wider front track (from 51.6" to 54.1") and tighter turning circle.(34.6" to 31.5" turning circler)
Front trunk space went from 5 to 9 cubic feet & the spare tire was positioned horizontally under trunk floor.
Interior floors carpeted and rubber bumper inserts Curb weight was 1918 lbs for SB
Note: 1971 SB still had Flat windshield (same as Beetle) and Curved SB windshield started in 8/72-79

 Chassis Number stamped on frame tunnel under rear seat.
Motor Number stamped under generator support, 66-on used code letter preceding number.

Parts are very easily changed so we recommend you keep track of the part numbers from the Carburetor (normally on the side of the carb) Distributor (9-diget number on the distributor body), Engine Number (just below the firing order under the Gen/Alt Stand) and know if it's 6 or 12 volt and if you 12v system is Gen or Alt.          Note: Alternator replaces Gen. in 8/73   
Dished Cam
1st started in 8/71 along with matching Oil Pump. (Most aftermarket cams are 3-bolt so check before replacing oil pump.)
Timing Beetle Manual Trans 71    and   Wiring Information with Test Socket    With Out Test Socket     More    71-USA71 USA+
1970-1971 Supplements  and   Super Beetle

The Above information holds true mainly for the US export models that were shipped to the United States, since the VW was produced and sold all over the world please use with caution. VW often made changes in the 8th month so it is best to determine the year from the chassis number. 

Aug of 1971 > 1200cc produced in Europe had an Engine number starting with "D" ,  1300cc 44 hp used "AB"and "AD", "AE" & "AH"  were 1600cc 

Sample:  When  entering  VW  part  number  enter  with  spaces  211 611 011J   not   211611011J  

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